• Shimmer is the first and only open-source health data aggregator

    Within hours, you'll be integrating app and device data without spending a cent.

  • Why do developers love Shimmer?

    Shimmer is a hosted solution that developers love for lots of reasons:


    Shimmer is free and open-source, so you can easily add your own integrations and audit existing ones. Not to mention, you can use it with any programming language.

    Fast to deploy

    Stop wasting time trying to get digital health data - quickly deploy Shimmer with a few commands both locally and in the cloud.

    Clean code 

    With a simple API which serves clinically-valid data in the Open mHealth format, data coming out of Shimmer is easy to interpret.

  • Integrations

    Shimmer supports some of the best-in-breed apps and devices. To see the next set of tools we'll be supporting, check it out on Github.


    Google Fit




  • People who use Shimmer also use Granola to access Apple's HealthKit data.

  • Here's what a few happy people had to say about Shimmer. 

    "I use Shimmer to develop an app called Octy, which ingests wearable and app data into a Google Sheet. I was able to get up and running within hours. A total time saver."


    - Nosh Petigara, software engineer and early employee at MongoDB 

    "I was able to use Shimmer for our clinical pilots in chronic pain with ease. I value the clinically-valid data and ability to add new functionality to it. It is just a fantastic open source tool!"

    - Andy Hsieh,  Engineer at smalldata.io 

  • Get started with Shimmer

    Within hours, you can start integrating health app and device data without spending a cent. 

    The first step is to visit Github and learn how to install Shimmer.